Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Went for my last guitar class in Musique School.
Yea the school's closing down, I blame you-know-who.
Anyways, Goldberg asked me what I wanna do today.
"For my final class, I have one final wish- JAM"
And our good friend told me that he's gonna get some INSPIRATION first.
it means to smoke. lol
"you want me to play guitar or drums?"
"DRUMS of course" LOL
There we go,

Pantera- Cemetery Gates, Cowboys From Hell..
Metallica- Creeping Death, Seek And Destroy, Enter Sandman, MASTER OF PUPPETS.
 * Master Of  Puppets started to pump up the crazy mood! we played it beyond 208 b.p.m!
Lamb Of God- Hourglass, Omerta
Killswitch Engage- This Fire Burns, My Curse, Rose Of Sharyn, This Is Absolution, Fixation Of The Darkness
Trivium- Like Light To The Flies
Steel Panther- Death To All But Metal

ENDURANCE. *wipes sweat*

Pity CLEMENT for suffering with me and Goldberg playing, without ear plugs. hahaha

After some time, I threw the towel. I surrender! Damn tired, my right arm was completely NUMB.
Goldberg's head was like a SWEAT BALL. hahahahahaha
I wonder how MUCH tissues we've used up to wipe the sweat.
Damn epic finale for me on my last guitar class in Musique School.
This spells the end of Musique.
Oscar Wong, has left the building (:

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Was going through my Facebook activities 2-3 months ago. 
Found this meaningful advice from a friend, Haoto..

Oscar , sometime we don't have to care , and know what are they thinking . This is your life . U live for your own self , is not for another people . Live without regret . Oh yeah , u cannot control what are they thinking but why do u have to change yourself ?? U can't go back to the time , just do whatever u want when you are alive . We don't know what will happen tomorrow . Just .... Be YOURSELF 

(: it's a niceeee advice. 
Rock on!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Another you.

It's really over, you made your stand
You got me crying, as was your plan
But when my loneliness is thru, I'm gonna find another you

You take your sweaters
You take your time
You might have your reasons but you will never have my rhymes
I'm gonna sing my way away from blue
I'm gonna find another you

When I was your lover
No one else would do
If I'm forced to find another, I hope she looks like you
Yeah and she's nicer too

So go on baby
Make your little get away
My pride will keep me company
And you just gave yours all away
Now I'm gonna dress myself for two
Once for me and once for someone new
I'm gonna do somethings you wouldn't let me do
Oh I'm gonna find another you

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Holiday plans!
* have another adventure with my cousins
* spend my money on something useful
* meet up with some friends
* take undang
* buy a whole tank of helium, gather a few friends in a park and get high from laughing :D

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Out, out, brief candle!

Life sounds meaningless at times.
I think I'm beginning to feel that now.

Anyway, exams are finally over after my two weeks of suffer.
Lately I've been organizing the Prefect's Annual Dinner,
and it's quite hard to handle it,
thank God I have my committees helping me out.
Argh, sore throat.
Skipped tuition too, the sore throat was getting worse at that time.
I'm even coughing right now, dang.
Decided to NOT attend tuition this month.
Guitar's input jack is facing problems,
dang it, gotta spill 100++ bucks on it. ARGH.

I'm beginning to feel that there's no point thinking and day dreaming of you.
I feel ignorance, I'm guessing that I'm just like a stalker to you.
Dang, where's my PSP.
I wanna continue playing Loco Roco. (: