Sunday, June 27, 2010


For English, every fourth formers need to take an oral exam.
I bet the teachers don't know that we can speak fluent English.
Nowadays there are even teachers who can't speak English at all. 
So much for producing quality teachers.
Anyways, I paired up with my dude Azizul.
He's the class Natural Disaster when it comes to answering exam papers with stupid i meant 
AWESOME answers.
It just happened that day, again.
We were sitting for our Civics exam.
Practically nobody cares about it.
So Mr. Genius blasted every stupid thing we could all think of into the paper.
What happened to him?
Nothing much other than being called into the Principle's office and getting 24 marks.

The interview's due tomorrow.
We just managed to finish it.
Thanks to Google Docs. Really saved our lives.
*if you wanna know more about google docs just pm me or something.*
It's about Azizul as the interviewer and me, as Slash.
Damn funny things happened.
I literally laughed alone in front of the computer.
Here's the screenshot of it.

There were many many other hilarious moments.
Wish us luck passing the oral exam. 

Saturday, June 26, 2010

School teachers wtf

Since I'm quite sure that there's some spy here for our school, I'll just address this teacher as Teacher X.
P.S- a special message to the school spy:
You're just damn stupid trying to spy on stuffs like this.
You've caused enough trouble already.
Give up, it's not like you're getting paid or something for doing this.
Lifeless fool.

Recently, Teacher X came into class but instead of starting to teach immediately as Teacher X always does,
she waits for every student to be enter the class first.
Teacher X even called us to find the missing guys.
We're not dogs, mind you.
Anyways, Teacher X started blasting our class.
Not about our results but about the Parents Teacher Association complaining about her teaching methods.
What made you think that setting up an exam for us that includes a chapter which isn't even taught in tuition,
would be good to us?
Yeah, you tell us that you've informed about this a month before our exam. 
We're not even done with the previous chapter and now you want us to study for another one.
I know you taught us about the chapter.
But covering it in 30 minutes won't help us, you see.
You say that we don't come to her and ask questions.
And you say that our class love to boast.
And you mentioned my name as an example.
Yeah right.
I came up personally to ask you qeuestions.
You gave me stupid explainations.
So i said "Oh okay. I'll try to learn by myself, teacher."
You call that boasting?
Then you must be amazing.
You could've went into the Guinness Book of Records for this.
I remembered once when you told us to change to another class if we didn't liked her teaching method.
Excuse me, you're teaching every class, the same subject.
you genius.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day.

Went out to The Curve for lunch.
Pizza Hut, my sis suggested. (or wanted)
The new pizza rocks, it's seafood with pineapples and
*wipes drool*
Bill came up to 55 bucks, sis insisted to pay the bill by herself.
I'm not getting in her way.
Later on I went surveying for a Father's Day gift.
Damn I hate it when things are done last minute. I'll get sooo blur and blank on ideas.
Tried surveying for an Argentina jersey or a replica of the Jabulani ball.
*Enters shop.
*Targets for shirt and ball
*Flips price tag
*Leaves shop.
4 simple moves. The price was abit over my budget. I thought they had low-end versions of the World Cup jerseys and balls. But no. shit.
Ended up in Popular, the CD RAMA section.
I thought getting a CD would please him enough.
Went around looking for a nice CD, took me like an hour.
*wipes sweat
After an hour of flipping through discs, from Tracy Chapman to Stevie Ray Vaughn to AC/DC to Kenny G,
I finally chose Richard Clayderman.
40 bucks, 2 CDs, great songs and nice boxing.
After paying I stood in a corner, trying my best to peel out the price tag.  -.-
Right after that I present the CD to Dad. 
"Thank you."
Enjoy the CD! Sit back, put on the eye mask as you always do and I'll turn on the song for you. 
Happy Father's Day 2010.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Shopping. (not for clothes, mind you)

Went out with Goldberg, Chris, Kevin, Philip, Jen Zhen and
Victor's gay.
He may have that innocent and blur look on his face but he's super inquisitive.
Itchy hands. Touches everything that exists.
check out the videos i've uploaded in my Facebook page.
enough about victor.
i bought this cool ORANGE guitar amp.
yeah, i serious;y meant ORANGE.
It's 155 bucks, 3 watts, has a built in tuner, dual channels, 4 inch speakers and authentic grill.
I love orange.
Victor got obsessed with my Orange.
He went nuts with it, promoting the amp to passing motorcyclists.
Later on we went to Desa Parkcity to check out another shop.
They're authorized dealers for Gibson. wow.
Instead of checking out the awesome high-end gibsons they have, i tried this>
A mini electric guitar. 
Best of all, it's PINK.
i had the whole shop looking at me. hahahaha.
Which reminds me..
When I entered JS Music, the entire shop was frigging quiet.
Someone called me and that's when my 
blasted through the shop.
damn.. the moment was damn funny.
the whole shop including the staffs were laughing their asses off.
oh ya.. i also bought the Lee sisters a pair of TURQUOISE guitar picks.
they match their nail polish too. :D 


Saturday, June 12, 2010

I lived a year longer.

Stayed up to 3 am Facebooking.
I finally realized that Facebooking at that time us just stupid.
Nobody's online,
It's like you're talking to yourself.

Parents brought me to The Curve for my birthday.
Mum wanted to bring me to Red Box or Marché.
I couldn't help it but to forced her to bring me to TGI Fridays, again.

TGI Fridays really serve you the REAL food.
Yeah, it's pricey.
But it's really worth every cent you pay for.
I ordered Jack Daniel's Glazed Ribs.
So what if it's 50 bucks.
It's really awesome.
I think I started drolling when I saw it.
All Hail TGI Fridays.
I wonder why my dad smiled like that. (:

Ahhh i forgot what is this called but it's nice. (:

Jack Daniel's® Glazed Ribs.

After the meal my mum HAD TO tell the crew that it's my birthday.
There goes TGI embarrassing me again. (:
They'll make you stand on the chair,
sing a song using the ketchup bottle as a mic and
blow off the candle on my FREE cake from 2 metres or so.
Oh yeah,
everybody will be looking at you.

Well it's all worth it.
After that I sent my guitar for repairs.
Will blog about that in my next post.

-Later at night-
Attended Add Maths tuition.
90 minutes of torture.
After class, we went to the mamak to 'celebrate my birthday'- exact words from Clarrrr.
It was a simple gathering made awesome.
Really brighten up my day as my guitar gave my big problems just now.
6 friends came.
Including guitar sifu Goldberg.
Played drinking games again, but with teh tarik and kopi O this time.

Credits to Clarrrr, who went through the all trouble to organize this.
(well maybe not so much of trouble.) lol

thank you guys.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Bithday's 80 minutes from now.
I'm sooo exicited..
$  Money.. $
I'm really wondering who's gonna be the first one to wish me later.

I went to Jucso Bukit Tinggi just now to check out the place.
It's kinda nice,
like a more simple version of our aweseome 1 Utama.
The best part is that the area's frigging cold.
Cool and fresh air surrounds the place.
Had dinner at the open area,
3 floors high.

There was also this shop that sells Domo-Kuns.
I think I'll get one soon,
cuz i like the fella's 'fierce' look. (:
Sis splashed 30 bucks on two cute plush toys
from a shop called 2:30.
It literally means 2 for 30 bucks.
nice shop.

When I started to get bored,
I dragged my dad to the Yamaha music shop there. 
Inquired about the Zoom G1XN pedal.
Tried it out for awhile.
Okay not really awhile, more like an hour. (:

It's only 380 bucks.
Has a good distortion for blues, classic rock and metal.
Clean's okay, but the acoustic tone was great.
Everything was okay.
the Wah-wah effect.
It was bad. 
The sound was as bad as it's size, 
the pedal's smaller than my feet.

I tried out using this Yamaha AES420.
1880 bucks.
Not bad for a Yamaha.
The shape's a little odd,
not really used to it but the sound's good.

Laney LX120T.
It's damn bloody good.
I don't know it's price,
didn't even bother asking. (:
It's 120 watts of power is amazing.
If not mistaken it's equipped with two Celestions.
Laney really manufactures good amps.
I recall once when I tried out another Laney amp..

Laney TT50H Head unit with some cabinet which I'm not sure of it's model.
Fully tubed, great distortion.
Only 1800 bucks. 
That's it for today.
Remember to wish me happy birthday or I swear that I'll come into your dreams and start killing you.
Nightmare on Malaysian Streets.  


Monday, June 7, 2010

Mum's Master Plan

My Cool Sixteen is on this Thursday.
Mum insisted to organize a party for me.
"It's your sweet sixteen!"-Exact words from Mum.
Hopefully it'll be awesomer than awesome.
It might be held at the poolside of my house.
She asked me what's the theme I prefer?
Before I could even say a thing she suggested

I gave her a good looooooong stare.
Looks like she REALLY wants me to have a great party. hahaha.
It's surely NOT going to be BIKINI PARTY as my Mum suggested,
since it's quite
but who knows~  : D

I will be inviting a whole lot of you so that I'll receive MANY MANY MANY presents!!!!


Saturday, June 5, 2010



Went to Challenger Futsal to kick some balls with pals.
The charge was really cheap,
at only 80 bucks per hour.
(IT IS CHEAP! other places charge you a fortune at 120 to 150 bucks per hour.)

The place's just less than a kilometer from the Jaya Jusco in Metro Prima.
Awesome place. (:
We played like spaniels chasing a slip of paper in the wind.
The game was super awesome, until
I injured my damn ankle.
super painful now..

Here are some pics on the place.

We got court #1 because we ARE #1. (:

which idiot would wear studs and blades here?
maybe there was.