Saturday, July 31, 2010


Guess what. I rang the doorbell. Before dad opened the door he asked if I'm up for a surprise. The next thing I see is 

Yeah. And I mean BALD.

He laughed though, after opening the door.
It's not weird.. 
It's just that nobody's used to it.
Okay, lemme ask ya'll a question here..
How many of you heard of Kerry King?
You don't?
Okay, here's the dude-
And this is my dad-

Check out the resemblance. :D 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Talent Time!

Talent Time!!!
Well I would love to blog about this but I gotta rush out for tuition now,
But you can enjoy this video of my performance first (:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Yeah, the title says it all. 
Congratulations to me.
I don't know whether I should be smiling or not.
Nah, I'm not spilling here yet.
Cuz it's just rumors.
But it's kinda true.
This is gonna be interesting.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My new avatar!

This is cool. I requested for a comic version of me, I managed to get it, with the t-shit designed by awesome me.

It's awesome, yeah.
It even has my Dean guitar on it. (:

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gracious Impression

Heyy fellas! please like this page, it's my mum's shop, selling accessories and clothing. Thank you so much!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010


Dang, there's so many stuffs that I have to do.
* Organize prefect's camp.
* Start on Morale Folio.
* Start studying for exams.
* Practice for the talent showcase.
* Ask you out.  (:
Anyways, I've decided to play this song for my talent showcase entry.
Life's getting hectic. And I really mean

Monday, July 19, 2010


I was frigging bored this afternoon. Tried cracking my head for ideas on how to fill up my time..
Then I thought- everyone's talking about PLKN, whether they got chosen, or not.

I tried sms-ing to check if I got chosen for the program.
yeah i know-it's a genius idea. (:

Send it to 15888.
I shared my craziness with my cousin.
Then the fella sorta burst my bubble, and worried me too.

What if they replied-

Semakan Status Terpilih Siri 8/2011
NAMA : 940610xxxxxx NO. KAD PENGENALAN : OSCAR WONG TZE CHUEN CATATAN : Tahniah, anda terpilih menyertai PLKN Siri 8/2011

I'll screw myself to death.
And that's when my cousin burst out laughing his ass off at me.
If it really happened, then I'm doomed.
So much for fooling around.

:Funny fact:
If you got chosen, then they'll reply TAHNIAH (that's congratulations in the Malay language =D),
but if you weren't chosen, instead, they'll reply MAAF (that's sorry in Malay).

I should be the other way round.
To us, being chosen for the campaign is like some nightmare.
What's so much to congratulate about for being chosen? LOL.

Oh ya, there's this cool picture I found on Google when I searched for PLKN. (:
GI.JOE compared to PLKN. :D

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Of Coconuts and Papayas.

Was walking to Jalan Ara the other day, from McDonald's.
Yeah, it's frigging far. But I got used to it, and this time I was accompanied by a cocnut.
I sort of dribbled the ball, I mean, coconut- throughout the whole journey.

Oh ya, did I not mention that I found a papaya on the way there?
Somewhere near Jalan Ara, I suddenly had an idea
I borrowed Kai Ling's marker pen and wrote-
Yeah, I know- I'm awesome. :D
The best part of this is that I left my gifts right in front of Clarrr's house. 
I was trying to avoid people from seeing me placing two fruits in front of their house.
Right after I managed to arrange it nicely, the bloody dogs in the area started barking at me.
I ran off, and laughed my lung out. :D
I love my awesome-ness. 

Some stuffs.

I got a nice quote right here that I wanna share with you fellas.
I love you more than everything else in the world combined. Isn’t that enough?- Edward Cullen. 
Yeah, it was pretty random but that quote really inspired me in a way. 
What am I mumbling about. Pffft.
Okay, let me zip away to some stuffs.
Why don't you watch this clip while I think? :D

Okay, some time ago Keith bought me my belated birthday present.
BELATED, as usual :D
We sort of exchange gifts every year for birthdays and Christmas. 
It's what you ought to get from a 9-year friendship.
9 whole years of crazy experiences. 
Anyways, the dude bought me sweets this time. 

Awesome sweets. (:
It's kinda pricey though. But I'm close to finishing it already. 
Hmm. Things can't really spill out from my mind right now.
I'll just end this post with some random photos I took recently.

On the left is the photo that proves my mischievous-ness. The other one right there is something my cuzzie bought for me from London, I think. Tastes awesome. 

Chemistry class madness.

Clement Tan drew the Domo-Kuns. (clockwise) the top right one's a combination of Spongebob and Domo-Kun. We modified it into the one below it.
He even drew a Domo-Kun wearing the new weird Manchester United jersey. 
The caricature of that awesome egg right there is mine. (:
Apparently, I found this site where they actually teach you how to draw the addictive and irritating monster.

Learn it, spread the propaganda. Let Domo-Kuns dominate the world. :D

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Finally won the damn bloody tickets!!!!!!!!!
After trying for ages, I finally won the effing tickets!!!
Damn it, frigging happy now. (:
Want tips? 
There's not really specific tips, except for one-
There's some problem with the plug-in.
Other than that, there's only some minor 'tips'. which may not be even effective.
* calm down, you don't have to be posting status updates in Facebook like 'OMG MTV TICKETS,, please bee and junior appear on my page,,,,"-in a word: POINTLESS.  (:
* Try refreshing the page, maybe once or twice before switching to other tabs.
* Be patient. I know that it's taking ages but most of us tried for many effing times. Myself, I've started trying since the first day itself. chill....... (:
* stop reading blogs like this. LOL. it's all giving the same old tips.
The only thing you have to do now is wait. Remember, use FIREFOX.
Good luck peeps and God bless!
\m/ [(>.<)] \m/

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Old Folks.

Shit, Morale folio is due in 4 weeks and I'm barely started with it.
I took the initiative to organize a visit to the old folk's home here in Bandar Sri Damansara., since it's the nearest one around here. *pm me or something for their contact number*
14 of us went, should have been 15 but a certain friend notified me that he won't be coming, 10 minutes before our gathering. I wonder who's the fella.... (:
Anyways, the 13 chickens were so frigging timid and didn't walk up to the main gate.
So I went up to the guy, and told him that I've made an appointment with a guy called Steve, yesterday.
He said- "Who's Steve?"
Well, he let us in though, he told me to look for Ah Seong.
Seems like Steve is Ah Seong. It's his Christian name.
We went upstairs, stayed in the balcony. An old lady came up to us singing Happy Birthday.
Clement couldn't resist laughing like some hyena.
Later on, Steve came back, asking who's the leader here.
All fingers pointed to me. wth.
Followed him, and told him that we wanted to clean up the place.
So we cleaned the windows. 
Sounds more like POSED with the windows. (:
I'm only gonna upload a few pics, cuz the line's being a girl today.
Clement and Gerald does housework. AMAZING. (:

Zhie Lynn poses with the mop. Since when people smile when they're moping. lol
The gang. Clement was laughing like a hyena again cuz the photographer (an old man) held up my camera to his eyes to take this photo. He must be thinking that it's like the old fashioned cameras. (:

Friday, July 2, 2010

Shirts, and my new blazer.

Finally got my new blazer. The guy's 2 weeks became 2 months.

It's worth my 110 bucks. Well, not MY 110 bucks. (:

By the way, guitar sifu Mr. Goldberg finally gave me my belated birthday present.
A damn awesome tee shirt.
Lamb Of God.... 
Among my major music influences..
(front and back of the shirt)
Thanks Goldberg!!!! :D

Oh ya..
I just remembered that I have another Lamb Of God tee,
I bought it for 60 bucks, 
when they toured to Idonesia.
It's what I wore on the first day of the Chinese New Year. 

Dang, I missed LoG's concert in Singapore.
Even bands like Trivium performs in Indonesia, but not in Malaysia.
I hope it's before I die.
*I heard that Metallica's coming in December or January next year. If everything comes to plan, they'll perform for us, awesomeeeee.:D*

Stressed out.

What's Malaysia well-known for?
KLCC? Teh tarik? Usage of -lah in every sentence? Ugly Malaysians?
 It's for giving out uncountable
* how can I explain this.. okay, when someone asks you if you have a kopi-o-license, it implies that you are an incompetent driver. It also implies that you did not pass your driving test the proper way but bribed your way by paying some 'coffee money' (kopi-o in Malay means black coffee) :D

It was the school's open day this morning, where teachers get their chance to screw us alive by discussing every bit of ourselves to our parents.
Apparently Prefects had to carry out duties, mainly controlling the classes and greeting parents.
Senior Prefects like me *adjusts collar* controlled the traffic for the day.
I've done this duty a few times now, so it's an okay job for me.
BUT I was very sure that I'll be meeting ARROGANT parents again,
Malaysia's like this, I got used to it though.
Within the first 10 minutes we've already met an idiot.
Some big shot driving a black Toyota Alphard insisted that he wants to park in the school compound.
I explained to him that he can't do so but Mr. Idiot opened the gate by himself, and drove in.
"TEACHER!!!"- always solves problems. (:
Then came another idiot. This fella's a true example for all idiots in the world.
He parked his damn car halfway up the jammed-up hill, and claims that we're the ones causing the jam.
Much more drama happened after that, involving the same idiot.
It's as though he's the one in charge of everything now, 
why don't you carry out 110 prefect's duty for the school?
if not, SHUT UP.
It was frigging stressful dealing with this idiot.
oh ya, his car's license plate number is
WRK 4799
It's a snow-white Toyota Avanza, with an idiot driving it.
At least there's some people who appreciates us,
Like the cool lady who came to us, giving away free 100 Plus drinks to the Prefects controlling the traffic, in the blazing hot sun, wearing thick blazers.
It's nice to see that there are people around you that appreciates you.
Damn.... I needa relax, life's getting tougher by day.
Time for John Mayer.  
Mayer, brighten my day.