Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Went for my last guitar class in Musique School.
Yea the school's closing down, I blame you-know-who.
Anyways, Goldberg asked me what I wanna do today.
"For my final class, I have one final wish- JAM"
And our good friend told me that he's gonna get some INSPIRATION first.
it means to smoke. lol
"you want me to play guitar or drums?"
"DRUMS of course" LOL
There we go,

Pantera- Cemetery Gates, Cowboys From Hell..
Metallica- Creeping Death, Seek And Destroy, Enter Sandman, MASTER OF PUPPETS.
 * Master Of  Puppets started to pump up the crazy mood! we played it beyond 208 b.p.m!
Lamb Of God- Hourglass, Omerta
Killswitch Engage- This Fire Burns, My Curse, Rose Of Sharyn, This Is Absolution, Fixation Of The Darkness
Trivium- Like Light To The Flies
Steel Panther- Death To All But Metal

ENDURANCE. *wipes sweat*

Pity CLEMENT for suffering with me and Goldberg playing, without ear plugs. hahaha

After some time, I threw the towel. I surrender! Damn tired, my right arm was completely NUMB.
Goldberg's head was like a SWEAT BALL. hahahahahaha
I wonder how MUCH tissues we've used up to wipe the sweat.
Damn epic finale for me on my last guitar class in Musique School.
This spells the end of Musique.
Oscar Wong, has left the building (:

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