Thursday, December 2, 2010

Guitar Review!



Impressive axe for the guys who tune into the metal genre. The Floyd Rose equipped is a very good one! It allows me to dive bomb all the way to the max. The intonation was still good after doing some crazy dive bombing! In simpler words, the floating bridge really satisfied me. The guitar's stocked in with the EMG 81 pickup in the bridge position and the EMG 85 in the neck position. These active pickups are just killers. I hooked it up to a Smarvo KHM300S head through a KM412A angled cabinet, it really sounded good! But I personally think that EMG 60s should replace the EMG 80, as the sound's more rhythm-ish. Next, it has the usual stuff; 3-way switch, tone and volume knobs. 22 frets. Okay, this guitar comes in two types- rosewood or maple fingerboard. I chose the BLACK HG model, because I'm pretty used to rosewood fingerboards, and the colour's nice! The neck is very comfortable, it's like a combination of Jackson and ESP/LTD necks. Plus,  the body actually has a black binding, but you can't really see it here because you know, the guitar itself is already black. Great guitar at a steal price! RM3290


Initially the main reason I wanted to test out this guitar is because I'm interested in the Fender Texas Special Pickups it has. And yes, it really sounded nice! *The pickups alone costs about RM700* Still the same stack amp, I tweaked the reverb and selected the neck pickup with the tone turned down, and it's pretty similar to the Mayer tone! It has an alder body,maple fingerboard and neck and the huge strat headstock! Pretty good guitar for playing jazz and blues! The Texas special sounds good too on distortion, gave me the classic blues tone. Too bad it's a bit pricey. The neck's very comfortable too. It's completely different from the usual Squier guitars. Yeah, you pay for what you get! This is the REAL Fender. And a great one too!


After trying out a metal axe and a jazz guitar, I decided to test a more versatile guitar. Yeah, one with Seymour Duncans stocked in it. The Cort KX101 is a good choice, at RM1690 it is a perfect choice for rock guitarists. To my surprise, it has a neck-thru construction- that's something you don't find commonly! Seymour Duncan JB and SH1 59'. MAHOGANY body and neck! Rosewood fingerboard! 24 frets for solo-ing! The neck resembles the Schecter guitar necks and it's a little fat. That's good, for me! Tone Pros locking bridge (CAVR) w/string-thru body! It even has the coil tap function! Perfect guitar at the price! You're looking at a brilliant guitar over here!

Right now, I would go for the Cort KX101. Mainly because the Fender's way out of my budget. And I'm not really prepared to pay RM3300 for the Redline, yet. Check out The Guitar Store in Kepong, guys! They have some good guitars over here and the staff are friendly too! Thumbs up!

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