Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Guitar Review! and it's Ppppart Two!


Okay, to start off let me recall one of the previous guitars I've tried out recently, the Cort KX101. This afternoon I was actually there again to do some more reviews and I spotted this Cort KX-CUSTOM. 

Neck-thru construction, rosewood neck, 24 frets, Tone Pros locking bridge, Seymour Duncan JB/59' and coil tap feature. Yes, it does ring a bell as it's actually the same specs as the KX101 except that this KX-CUSTOM is much better than the KX101. Interested to know why? It's the wood. Mahogany body with flame maple top. The tone was very balanced with a little low-end. The first thing that came to my mind was to test out Sweet Child O'Mine on it and it was brilliant. Plus it has locking tuners and the fret inlays are cool, reminds me of Alexi Laiho's signature ESP Scythe. So once again, Cort managed to win my respect. At just RM1990, this is awesome!

Next up, my friend Clement was curious how nice would an Epiphone SG sound like. Yes, he has been watching a bit of Jack Black's School of Rock. (:   so we picked up our next guitar, the Epiphone SG Faded G-400.

This guitar has a set neck, mahogany. The body's mahogany too, but it has a rosewood fretboard. Feels very comfortable, just that the neck's a little fatter than usual, which I personally don't like (:  Anyway, it's stocked with Alnico Classic hums in the bridge and neck positions. In my humble opinion, the tone of the guitar wasn't as good as expected from a mahogany body. It was like any ordinary low-end Epiphone guitars, to me. The bridge pickup is kind of flat, and not very versatile, but in the neck you get a 'muff' tone. It's very.. Muffy. It totally changes the distortion, and makes it more like a crunchy distortion. Maybe that was the actual intention of the guitar but still it wasn't a very good job. At least the sustain is strong though.. RM1990, same as the KX-CUSTOM. 

What's the verdict? The CORT KX-CUSTOM.
The both guitars are at the same price, so I would rather go for something more versatile and gives me a stronger distortion. Plus, I don't really fancy the Epiphone's Worn Brown finish. Gives me the creeps. Rock on fellas!

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