Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Guitar Review, Pppart 3

Jackson JS32T Kelly

I've tried a few JS models before this, but the JS32T Kelly feels more comfortble than the Dinky or Rhoads. As it's a JS model, the specs are almost similar to the other JS models. Bolt -on maple neck with the cool Jackson inlays and they're Jumbo Frets- that's something I love. The guitar comes with the stock humbucking pickups, CVR2 which are quite versatile. It's a string-through guitar, also with the stock JS390 bridge. It's a good guitar for metal kiddos but the shape restricts you to play comfortably while you're sitting down. So yea, you gotta stand up to play with little Kelly here.

Squire Guitars

Okay, I've tried many Squires that day but I picked out the good ones to be review-ed over here.

Squire Deluxe Stratocaster

When I first spotted this guitar, it gave me the vintage-style feel. Maybe it's because of the parts, colour etc.. Anyways, this is a Deluxe Strat that Squire has, which is pre-stocked with Duncan-Designed single coils. SC101. The body's basswood with a C-shaped maple neck and fingerboard, 22 frets which are medium-jumbo and the strat headstock. The neck feels great on this Squier but the tone's lacking of something, it's just well, not perfect. The guitar's cheap, so if I were to buy this, I would definitely change it's pickups. The Duncan-Designed pickups really screwed the nice feel of a Fender/Squier guitar. Texas Special pickups are priced at around RM770 if not mistaken (:

Squier Deluxe Hot Rails Stratocaster

I wonder if Squier has heard me over the previous guitar so they presented me this... (:   Squier Deluxe 'Hot Rails' Strat. This guitar's more aggresive than the previous one, and the Duncan-Designed pickups HR101 single coils are high-output singles that outerperforms the SC101. Basswood body, C-shaped maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. Once again, 22 medium-jumbo frets, but large 60's strat headstock this time. Personally I feel that this is like a Squier type of the Fender Jim Root model, but close to that. It feels more like a metal guitar than the usual Fender feel. Rosewood fingerboard allows me to shred good too. The guitar looks good too, with the black control knobs!

Squier Vintage Modified Stratocaster

This is my personal favourite over the many Squier guitars I've tried so far. The sunburst finish really caught my attention. The body's Indian Red Cedar with the C-shaped maple and rosewood fingerboard. 21 medium-jumbo, and ocne again, Duncan-Designed SC101 pickups. Why is this my favourite even with the SC101s? Ask the Indian Red Cedar and the medium-jumbo rosewood. The tone's really good on this one, it gives me the close feel of a Fender, and it looks like the John Mayer model too! Great guitar at the price, and it's just great!


Yea there's gonna be like 4 guitars here, covering the SA and RG series. Ibanez!

Ibanez SA120EX

Coverd humbuckers on a SA? This I gotta try. It feels like an RG guitar, but the.. okay why not let's run through the specs first. 3-piece SA neck, mahogany body, SAT PRO bridge and AH5 neck/ AH6 bridge humbuckers. True-Duo feature too! Okay, feel-great. Looks-good. Tone-a flatter tone of the RG guitar. It's not really the usual SA guitar you got in mind, this is more versatile! It reminds me of the Cort guitars I've tried out some time ago. Good guitar , but it's a little pricey. (:

Ibanez SA260FM

Flamed maple top on a mahogany! Woah, at this price. Maple 3 piece neck & Rosewood frets too! SAT PRO II Bridge with stock neck AHS1/ bridge AHS2 and mid True Duo pickups! Simple to say, this guitar is made for the beginner rock guitarists, with it's balanced tone you can go shredding too! Blues is a good job on this too! And the price is cheapppppp!!

Ibanez RG350M
Yellow! They should make this a Spongebob guitar (: but sadly the sound's a little heavy for our yellow friend. 3 piece maple, Wizard II neck. Jumbo frets, basswood body and maple fingerboard.  EDGE III bridge. Neck-mid-bridge  INF3-INFS3-INF4. Black hardware. Conclusion, awesome! This is one shred guitar. INFs are high-output pickups and they sound good too! The Edge III's good and stable. Neck's comfortable to slide up and down the neck! Good price too!

IBANEZ RGR465M- 2010 Limited Edition
This, is a masterpiece fom Ibanez. 3 piece wizard II maple neck, basswood body, JUMBO FRETS, EDGE III BRIDGE, REVERSED HEADSTOCK, BLACK HARWARE and DiMarzio D-Activator Hum + DiMarzio Air Norton Single! OMG. This is THE guitar. RM2k. Feels VERY comfortable, sound's GOOD. DiMarzios rock, and the guitar's cheap! Awesome shred guitar at a affordble price! I even got a friend who bought it on the spot after trying it out! You gotta try this!

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